EU General Data
Protection Regulation

We, at Viewup, are committed to compliance, security, privacy and transparency. This approach ensures the customers that we, at Viewup, are improving our procedures to collect, process and encrypt sensitive personal data in accordance with the requirements, set out in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is enforceable on 25th May 2018. We are here to help customers and end-users understand the significance of the GDPR, its requirements and our adherence to comply by global standards.

Some key GDPR principles to consider in implementation include:

Integrity: Securing and safeguarding personal data using appropriate technical and organizational security measures.

Lawfulness: Organizations must, among other things, ensure they have a legal basis for processing personal data, and process that data in a fair and transparent manner.

Limited Use: Personal data may only be collected for specific, explicit, or legitimate purposes.

Data Minimization: Only collect data that is relevant and necessary for its intended use.

Accuracy: Personal data must be accurate and up-to-date.

Storage Limitation: Subject to relevant exceptions, maintain personal data only for as long as is deemed necessary and reasonable.

Our Compliance to ‘GDPR’

  • We provide an explicit consent to Data Subjects of European Union, when signing into Viewup by detecting the IP address of the EU.
  • We have placed Links to our Privacy Policy on our website, at places where personal data is collected.
  • Data Subjects from the EU can opt-in to communications from Viewup while registering or signing up with us.
  • Viewup maintains rigorous technical and organizational security practices and measures to protect and safeguard personal information and content you provide to us.
  • We insist on signing a Data Protection Agreement with our Clients and Vendors to ensure that the privacy and security of our customer data is protected.
  • We have GDPR compliant Privacy Policy which ensures transparent communications with the Data Subjects.
  • We have also developed a Cookie policy that describes the purpose of cookies that Viewup uses.
  • The Data Protection Officer is responsible for informing employees of their compliance obligations as well as conducting awareness training, monitoring and audits required under GDPR. Yes, we have a dedicated DPO. For any queries related to GDPR compliance contact our DPO at :
  • Security and Privacy training are conducted periodically and while on-boarding any new employee to make them aware of their roles and responsibilities on GDPR and how it impacts them.
  • Data Subjects Rights
    • Rights to Access and Rectify: Viewup offers their client to access their profiles to amend inaccuracies or rectify any errors.
    • Right to be forgotten: Viewup customers can delete or erase their profile if the processing is not justified. Customers must make a request through email to us to process for delete.
    • Right to Restrict Processing: The processing of personal data of the customers is limited for specified purposes related to our products and Services by documenting and implementing internal mechanisms.
    • Right to Data Portability: Provide data subjects with the right to transfer their personal data between data controllers.
    • Right to Object Processing: Viewup has documented and implemented internal mechanisms to stop processing upon specific data subject requests, for direct marketing purpose upon request, for any other statistical or scientific purposes.

For more information about these rights, please visit our privacy policy. To exercise these rights, please email at: