September 1, 2020

How to Make Virtual Sales Meetings Productivity-Boosting for Your Business?

How to Make Virtual Sales Meetings Productivity-Boosting for Your Business?
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As companies scramble hard to protect their employees from the spreading Coronavirus with travel restrictions, remote work arrangements seem to be part and parcel of the work-life. 

Given the situation, it is quite tricky to predict the time for which in-person meetings with customers, teams, or suppliers might not happen.

Under such circumstances, as soon as more than two attendees “dial-in” to any meeting, the productivity starts to hamper. There’s a long list of reasons for that.

More often than not, attendees decode virtual meetings as a free license to multi-task. Here, the meeting organizers tend to be less careful with the purpose and design of the conversation. Hence, it is not uncommon to find one or two attendees to dominate the discussion while the others sit back and “tune out.”

Nowadays, we see most of the employees working from home, and more meetings are being conducted online. 

Here are some stats to confirm this:

87% of remote team members say that they feel more connected to their colleagues with video conferencing. As more employees move into the remote landscape, video can help to improve company culture. (Source: Gigaom)

According to Lifesize, around 90% of respondents believe that video makes it easier for them to get their point across. Another 89% of respondents say that video conferencing reduces the time required to complete projects or tasks too. (Source: Lifesize)

The already growing video conferencing market is set to reach a value of around $13.82 billion by 2023. (Source: Global Video conferencing market analysis)

]If we talk about a sales meeting, virtual selling practices like video sales calls and demos have become a regular part of the discussion. This is especially true since face-to-face appointments are no longer a viable thing due to COVID-19.

This has given rise to building and maintaining strong professional relationships with the help of video conferencing solutions

It can pay you rich dividends as a salesperson, particularly if you take time to comprehend and utilize the different features that the tool offers. Just like in-person meetings, there are certain best practices that you need to follow to make your sales call productive and productive, and problem-free. 

Before we head to the tips to make your virtual sales meetings productivity-boosting for your business, let’s look at some of the benefits of remote meeting platforms for sales.

Benefits of Virtual Meeting Platforms for Sales


Have More Nuanced Conversations

A typical sales call is quite tricky to navigate as you cannot meet in person. You have no idea what the person on the other end of the line is expecting or how they are receiving the information you are giving them. This very reason makes remote meeting platforms beneficial in comparison to old-fashioned sales skills.

With the help of virtual sales calls, you get more insights about how the person responds and can adapt yourself accordingly. You can reply to both the verbal and nonverbal cues. This can give you enough time to change the course if needed. 

In case someone on video seems uninterested or confused, you can try different perspectives or ask for their input. In case contact is nodding and appears attentive instead of being confused, it gives out a green signal to follow-through with what you’re saying instead of reiterating the points.

Makes You Get in Touch with the Prospective Customers Regularly

In regular sales calls, you do not have much face time to deepen your relationship with prospective customers. However, when it comes to virtual sales meetings, you get frequent touchpoints with less frequent flier miles!

We all know that building relationships with prospective customers takes time, and virtual conferencing is a great way to strengthen relationships and ensure that you stay in touch with them regularly. 

Never save video conferencing for special occasions.

Showcase Product Demos

A live demo can have a massive appeal than mere words, and this is where virtual meeting platforms make it effortless than ever to showcase your prospective customers the products in real-time.

In case the product does not allow for demos, it is possible to share presentations, photos, videos, and even product education during the virtual sales call. It is a great way to provide customers with an immersive experience. 

By following this process, you can reduce the length of the sales cycle, which can result in increased revenue, and a virtual sales call is a great way to keep the sales cycle on track and win more customers. 

It is also a great way to answer all the prospective customers' queries and uncover opportunities for greater collaboration in a much swifter way compared to a stream of emails. 

Now that we have looked at the benefits of virtual meeting platforms for sales let's divert our attention to the write-up's final section - How to make the most out of your virtual sales meeting calls? 

Let’s find out the answer.

Power-Boost Your Virtual Sales Meetings

Here is your chance to ensure that your virtual sales meeting calls give you the right results without presenting any annoying technical glitches during the call.


Get the “Production” Basics in Order

An excellent virtual sales meeting call's basic necessity is the need to be seen, heard, and taken seriously in the sales video.

For this, you don’t require fancy equipment or tons of video production training to get started. As long as you keep these classing filming principles in mind, your videos will look golden on screen!

Utilize the Best Lighting Available

If you can employ natural lighting, it would be great. The good news is, it is free (this is an obvious fact!

In case you do not have that luxury, make sure the room is neither too bright nor too dark as it can make you appear backlit or washed-out. 

Change the screen's angle or add additional lighting sources to make your video call look good to others.

Ensure that You Have the Clearest Sound

Get rid of background noise from phones, equipment, or other human beings around your surroundings.

Clear the Clutter

In case you have the habit of leaving your empty coffee cups on the table after drinking, clear them away.

If there is any distracting artwork on the wall, take it down for the video call duration.

Always Give Virtual Meeting Platform Information to Meeting Participants

Even though COVID-19 has made video common during meetings, you should not make the mistake of assuming that the prospects you are meeting know how the virtual meeting platform of your choice works.

Hence, before scheduling the meeting call, send a quick customized explainer video to prospects explaining how to use your platform. Also, explain it to them before the video sales meeting that they should be on video and not audio-only.

There is a reason for this. Whenever a prospect is on camera, the chances of closing down the deal becomes higher as you can gauge their body language and alter your pitch accordingly.

While Meeting with a Group of People Write Everyone’s Name Down First

It is absolutely criminal to forget someone's name during a sales call. Even worse is when you get their names wrong. This is not exactly how you wish to build trust in a prospect.

Hence, if you are meeting a group of people in the same conference room, write their names down.

In case you are worried about mixing their names up, sketch the table on a piece of paper, and write their names based on their sitting order. 

This way, you will not forget their names. 

Keep a Smiling Face Throughout the Virtual Sales Meeting

The great Dale Carnegie said in his book "How to Win Friends and Influence People," a smiling face will have many admirers. 

Hence, never have a resting B-face during the meeting as it may not seem pleasant, and you will become more noticeable in a video setting than a face-to-face meeting. 

This is why I suggest that you have a smiling face throughout the online meeting. On the positive side, remember a smiling face might make a prospect give you an excellent sales order. 

Besides that, a prospect will also notice your body language.

During a video call, they will observe you from the chest up. Hence, it would be difficult for them to see any posture that you may accompany apart from an otherwise "serious thinking face."

Always Face the Light

Let me be very honest with you….How many times have you seen someone being backlit during a video call with the light source in their room behind them, and so you never seem to see their face? You might have noticed this at least once.

To ensure that you do not face such a situation, I suggest that you test to ensure that you’re facing your lighting source before the call and ensure that it doesn’t wash you out. 

Have a Straight Posture During the Online Meeting

If you wish to become a great communicator, never sit back, sprawl, and/or lounge while you are on the video call. 

Even if you say great words and ideas, the only projection that the prospect might have is that you are unprofessional and do not care about the sales call. 

So, focus on your posture and try to invest in a standing desk. In case you do not want to go for a standing desk, stack up some books, and stand up to give out a sales superhero image to the prospects!

Refer to Attendees by Their Names While Asking Questions

Everyone loves his/her name. This is an obvious thing, but you need to be extra careful of this during the video call, especially if you have a meeting with a group of people.

While asking questions, this simple adjustment will make your meeting attendees more engaged and involved in the sales meeting.

Act Like It’s a Sales Meeting

While the tips that we have mentioned above will help you win over the prospects before you start your pitch, your real sales technique will begin here. 

You need to use your knowledge and experience to convince the prospects and win over their confidence.

I will not teach you the techniques of winning a prospect as you are already aware of it. i will say once again, while on the virtual sales meetings, make the prospects feel comfortable and then follow the standard sales procedure that you are good at. 

Final Thoughts

Winning a sales deal is not a tougher nut to crack in this COVID-19 era. The challenging part is to win their confidence by adjusting yourself during the virtual sales meeting. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you can reinvent yourself as a sales guru during the pandemic and ensure that you get outstanding sales closures with happy faces during the video meetings.