May 28, 2020

Video Conferencing Solution: How It Helps Enterprise Businesses to Communicate Effectively?

Video Conferencing Solution: How It Helps Enterprise Businesses to Communicate Effectively?
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Without a doubt, communication is one of the most vital aspects for the development of enterprises. Good communication goes a long way in improving the work performance of employees and also inculcates a feeling of team bonding. Ultimately, this ensures that small companies and large corporations grow at a steady pace. 

But what happens when you have a cross-regional and multinational company? In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to conduct effective business communication. It is due to the fact that traditional business communication like conference calls is not expedient and instinctive. The most viable option for companies is video conferencing for business communication. Thanks to video conferencing solutions, companies can connect with employees and clients across the globe in real-time. 

In the next section, we will try and understand what exactly video conferencing is?

Definition of Video Conferencing

It is a type of distance conferencing which is used to virtually connect two or more people to communicate with each other. Thanks to the enabled integrated software, video conferencing has made businesses derive rich and quality experience. It is even possible to schedule their meetings, send emails, perform chat with other meeting attendees and get feedback from them instantly. Can it get any better than this?

Now, that you have the basic information on video conferencing, in the next section, we will look at its benefits to businesses at large.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Solution to Businesses

Face-to-Face Business Communication

Thanks to video conferencing, it is possible to make remote business communication more human. The amazing part is, you gather employees in a virtual conference room to conduct meetings wherein it is possible to see other attendees, listen to them and utilize the screen-share feature to get the perfect solution for your problem. It gives you the best view to keep an eye on the body language of other attendees, including their expressions and gestures that make you decode them effectively.

Makes Business Communication More Effective and Orderly

It is often seen that when lots of people gather together in a single place to make a presentation, they cannot stop themselves from whispering under the table or getting a word suddenly, which results in a chaotic situation and even inefficient business communication. However, when it comes to video conferencing solution, you can avoid such situations.

With the help of a video conferencing solution, you get the option to choose the role of host, presenter and attendees. The peculiar thing is, whenever a presenter speaks, you get the option to mute others to ensure a good business environment. On top of that, you can even lock the virtual conference room to ensure that nobody can rush midway.

Records Entire Meeting-

It is quite challenging to remember everything that is spoken in the video conference and so, with the help of record entire meetings feature, you can now record the discussion that can be passed on to the person who could not attend the video conference. It also proves to be handy when you wish to recollect specific things discussed in the video conferencing for future purposes. 

Reduced Commuting Time

Video conferencing is more efficient as it can save up your commuting time. Unlike in-person meetings with clients, suppliers and employees which can take up most of your valuable working hours of the day, even an hour-long meeting can eat up an entire morning time which can be frustrating. 

And if you propagate sustainability in your organization, teleconferencing can be a greener-alternative to in-person meetings. According to a study conducted by students at George Mason University, it was found that driving for an hour for a meeting is equal to the electrical power of 1,000 hours of voice conferencing. Really, it’s true!

Now that you have looked at the benefits of video conferencing solutions for businesses at large, it is time to divert our attention to our last section - industries that can benefit from video conferencing.

Two Prominent Industries that can benefit from Video Conferencing Solution

Different types of businesses can derive benefits from video conferencing solutions in different ways like enabling improved customer service, better collaboration and increased productivity. It can assist organizations to reduce their travel risk, shorten meetings, optimize information exchange, connect staff located at different geographical locations without spending on travel, improve flexibility and provide a competitive advantage. We are restricting ourselves to two vertical industries that are believed to maximize the benefits of video conferencing solutions: healthcare and education. Let’s look in-depth at each one.


Video conference call solution in Healthcare

Video conferencing has been growing in the healthcare industry when it comes to the management of patients and educating the nursing staff in all sizes of hospitals and healthcare facilities. And there is no stopping to it. According to a prominent research, it has been found that the total video conferencing market is on a high growth trajectory and is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% from the year 2018 to 2023 to reach $13.82 billion by 2023. Thanks to video conferencing, it is possible for the doctors to connect with their patients and other medical staff quickly. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of video conferencing in the healthcare industry. 

Proves Cost-Effective

During COVID-19, as a doctor if you are staying away from your hospitals, it is possible to stay in touch with your fellow doctors and nurses through video conferencing, get results and even speak directly with those that are providing treatment at the patient’s location. Thus, it assists in reducing the time and expenses associated with traveling.

Simplified Way of Participating in Distance Learning

Medical practitioners usually get limited time to get advanced education and certification. Distance learning through video conferencing is a great alternative in such scenarios.

Training Employees in Group 

It can be a difficult proposition to train new employees during the pandemic, especially when they are based at multiple locations. However, with the help of video conferencing solutions, it is possible to provide information about benefits, policies and compliance regardless of the number of new people who have joined the training and wherever they are located.

Advanced Quality of Care

At times, patients require specialized care that is available at a different facility. However, all of this can be avoided when you use video conferencing solutions. The reason being, doctors from other locations can directly administer care or consult with the specialists and provide the correct clinical diagnoses for treating the patient.


Online Learning for students

It is possible to use video conferences for both the classroom and out. According to a study, it has been found that more than a third of US schools now regularly use video conferencing in the classroom. Video conferencing is one of the best ways to grow the education sector while schools try to expand their curriculum and at the same time control costs. Let’s look at how video conferencing has showcased its effect in the education sector.

Reduction in Training Cost

It can be a cumbersome and expensive task to train teachers several times across a school year. With the help of video conferencing, it can, not only help in reducing the cost of training, but also reduce the travel cost that goes into imparting specialized training and conducting administrative meetings.

Expert Talk

There are certain schools that are utilizing video conferencing technology to enable experts to interact with students. This allows the students to ask them questions beyond the traditional textbooks and speak with reputed people, top experts and famous personalities that go a long way in engaging them.

Classrooms without Boundaries

During the pandemic, we are seeing lots of schools conduct video conferencing to teach students located in different geographies of our country. This gives an equal opportunity for every student to learn. 

Record & Archive Sessions

Irrespective of whether a student missed a day of school or simply wishes to go over the content again, video conferencing’s record the entire meeting feature helps in storing the sessions for future access. This feature can even be helpful for teachers who are unable to attend the staff meetings live.

Remote Meetings with Parents

If there are any scheduling conflicts, the parent-teacher meetings can be held remotely through video conferencing. This helps in saving time and enhances meeting productivity.

Video Conferencing Solution - A Blessing in Disguise for Your Business

Now, that you have gone through this write-up, it is time to decide whether you wish to go for a video conferencing solution for your business and get rid of some of the biggest business costs. The returns of this technology can come in various ways. It allows the right people to access critical information whenever required, no matter where they are, by reducing travel costs and enhancing productive time. Almost any industry can take advantage of the video conferencing apps and tools. However, healthcare and education are two of the most prominent ones that can upscale the demand for this ingenious technology. So, are you ready for the future?