May 28, 2020

Why Viewup Could be Just the Right Tool for all Your Virtual Meetings?

Why Viewup Could be Just the Right Tool for all Your Virtual Meetings?
Viewup Team  4 Min Read
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Viewup is a meticulously designed video and audio conferencing tool for the B2B audience helping them host effective professional meeting rooms virtually with their audiences anywhere in the world. To connect effectively Viewup offers a host of features to businesses like virtual meetings, chats, screen sharing, and web conferencing which we will discuss in detail later on in this blog. For better ease and efficiency Viewup runs seamlessly across various devices like -- personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, telephones, and room systems. 

What is Viewup and what it believes in

Viewup has positioned itself to be an ever-reliable software that the customer support team of businesses can fall back on for their virtual meeting needs without having to fret over anything -- thus we have built this video conferencing tool on four value structures and the people at Viewup abide by it passionately. 

The four values are -- people-centricity, time-efficiency, tailored experiences, and uncompromised quality.

Let us talk more about these values and why do we think they are important:


We understand that there is an innate need in humans to connect and socialize with others. For any enterprise to grow they need to connect and communicate with potential markets across the globe. Viewup helps you do just that by facilitating virtual meets in as human way possible, that regardless of the distance, you still feel connected. 


One of the issues that businesses face while conducting online meetings is that of the time it takes for the tools to set up and the potential lag during web conferencing. With our most potent resources deployed, we have managed to tackle just that.  

Tailored experiences

We believe in making every single person feel special. As a business, the best way to communicate with your customers is to make them feel heard and understood. Viewup gives you the opportunity to customize your online meetings for your patrons and also as per the agenda of the meeting. 

Uncompromised quality

There is no point if the product does not deliver what it promises. With Viewup, you should expect high-quality voice and high-definition video conferencing in a seamless manner. To ensure the best customer experience the quality of our product is monitored and optimized regularly. 

What all, do you get?

Viewup is a bundle of essential tools that customer success teams of every business would require. Here is what all features are inculcated in the product: 


Viewup Live Chat Software for Your Business

This feature has two-faced benefits -- you can easily use this to interact with your team across the globe in real-time and also use it to provide support and manage customer relationships with your global clientele. Use colorful emojis to grab attention. Create public and private chats for your business from anywhere, anytime with the backing of robust security features.

Professional Meetings 

Viewup Meeting Software

Take virtual professional meetings to the next level. Viewup’s meeting features allow different functionalities for different people according to their needs. Admins have the ability to brand every video meeting. They can also customize the theme according to the agenda of the meeting and also record them.  Attendees can join the meeting with one go through a phone or VoIP connecting without downloading any app. 

Virtual Conferences

viewup conference software for your business

Our platform offers the right amalgamation of meeting room systems and cloud devices for the best video conferencing experience for your business. You can connect safely with your clients and team anywhere across the globe, thanks to our global data centers and use of independent third-party security.

Screen Sharing

screen sharing feature for effective communication

Enjoy screen sharing features without having to download anything. Conduct a video conference effortlessly with people regardless of the OS they are using. Viewup promises the same experience of screen sharing regardless of the type of device. Furthermore, this feature not only helps you play big when it comes to providing customer experience but also helps increase productivity through better communication between your team

Why Viewup is a go-to-tool for your next virtual group meet?

Now that you know what the product is, what it stands for what all it houses, here are the key reasons that how view-up can be just the right online meeting tool for you:

Just the Right Integration

We provide the perfect amalgamation of meeting room systems and cloud devices which is imperative for a great web conferencing experience.

Connect globally in a click

Conduct effective web conferencing across the globe, our global data centers make this possible for you. 

Zero Privacy Concerns

Your data is safe with us. To ensure total compliance of privacy rules, we use independent third-party security for highly secured communication.

High Definition Quality

Our utmost focus is on the quality of the experience of our users. We, therefore, utilize modern tools to ensure premium video experience during web conferencing.

Hassle-free deployment

We help you to turn any space into a professional meeting room instantly. Our audio and video conferencing tools are designed to give you an easy plug-and-play experience while deploying the technology.


Viewup aims at giving its users a full-tier web conferencing experience sans the issues they have been facing with other video conferencing tools. We know that in the future the world will go hyper-digital and become one global community. We at Viewup aim to facilitate global trade and relationships through technological prowess without losing the human touch. We promise that our Viewup experience will not make us just another zoom or a GoToMeeting alternative. 

Start your futuristic online meeting here. To know more contact us here.