July 1, 2020

Live Streaming an Interview? Don’t Miss Out on These Essential Tips

Live Streaming an Interview? Don’t Miss Out on These Essential Tips
Viewup Team  4 Min Read
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One of the most interesting features of virtual communications is live-stream interviews. Conducting live stream interviews can be tricky if you have not gotten the basics right. New to live online interviews or not -- these tips are great to confidently conduct your first live interview or to simply remind yourself of the important tips. 

20% of users report that the biggest challenge they face with video conferencing is audio quality.

It's important that you get the right device and then ensure that it’s compatible with the software you’ll use to make video calls. 

Here are the things you need to keep before and while conducting a live streaming interview:

Be familiar with the technology 

See the technology doesn’t act up after the interview starts. It is advised that you only use that video communication tool that you are comfortable with, or one that promises efficacy in a simple manner. Set up your camera and audio and test both of them beforehand. You do not want to start the live interview without knowing if your video and audio are fully functional.

Have a demo live chat before hand 

Since this is a live interview, you do not want either of the parties struggling with the technology. Inform the interviewee the technology that you are using and see if it is compatible with theirs. Advise them to check their audio and video as well. Best practice is to conduct a test video call between both the parties before going live.

A little bit of cinematographic sense

You don't have to be James Cameron, just take care of the basics and you will bring the live stream interview experience to the next level. Ensure that the angle is the way you want to look to others, see that the light is not falling directly on the camera blurring your face. Be aware of what makes your background, you can also choose customized themes for your background.

Do not skip the introduction 

This is by far the most common-sense wisdom point that some interviewers miss. Never ever start the questions without introducing the interviewee to the audience. Chances are that your audience already knows a person going to interview regardless of that, always have a brief intro of the interviewee ready. Not only is this a general etiquette but it will also help the people know your guest, who does not know them in the first place. 

Do not look them in the eye

No we do not mean that, but why quite the contrary.

Interviewers, if not focused on how they look, tend to look at the interviewees face on their screen. The only problem with that is you will never be able to make virtual eye contact with the audience or the interviewee. You will always appear looking elsewhere. So as much as possible look at your webcam while speaking.

This is difficult at first, but cultivating this is a habit is a good idea. Looking people in the eye even if though during an online conference, makes the entire ordeal more engaging and personal.

Keep your body language in check 

Body language in video interview

So what if this is an online meeting? You can still leverage the power of body language. Rather it is more important to do it during an online video conference, to suffice for the physical absence. 

Look at the interviewee in the eyes, smile, and nod as they speak. This will help the other person know you can still see them, and this is not a case of a frozen screen due to poor internet connection. 

While speaking, use your hand movements while, but do not over do it.

Be present with the interviewee

This is the golden rule. You must follow this even while having conversations with people in person. When the other party is speaking you should be focused in listening to what they have to say, rather than thinking of your response or the next question you want to ask. You should know that no matter how well you hide the person speaking will always get a whiff that you're not listening to them.

Be present in the conversation, and to make it possible, have people to look after the technology when you're conversing.

Play safe

Video interview skills and etiquette

Another best practice is to keep the live stream interview very mainstream. Choose to be kind and use politically correct terms. Do not bring up topics that might be sensitive and controversial to your guests. They might respond in a knee-jerk manner, and you might not have the opportunity to edit it out ever. With the audience being able to comment and show their opinions, things may go haywire, detrimental to both the image of your guest and your brand.

Involve the audience 

Do not miss this point out ever. The main benefit of live streaming over a digital medium is that you have the power to directly talk to interact with your audience. 

You can see the most asked questions in the comments and ask it to your guests. Or allow certain users to ask questions directly. All in all creating a very immersive video conferencing experience.

Dress appropriately

Last but not the least, dress appropriately. And yes you do not want us to tell you that but dressing appropriately during a live stream is a tricky subject. Because you could either be very casual or very professional. since you most likely to be this live stream from your home, the audience is expecting a very casual environment, but does that mean you conduct the interview in your favourite 6 year old t-shirt? Neither, you're expected to wear a three piece suit in your drawing room.

The secret is to strike a balance. 


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