May 22, 2020

5 Easy Video Conferencing Strategies to Close Sales Deals Fast

5 Easy Video Conferencing Strategies to Close Sales Deals Fast
Viewup Team  5 Min Read
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The current COVID-19 situation has forced almost the entire world to be confined within the walls of their households. There has been a sudden shift in the way we used to do almost everything -- especially the way we interact with each other! A handshake or a hug seems like a distant dream. But that’s the new norm -- for now and near future.

Millions of individuals and businesses are having their first working from home experience. People and businesses that have adapted to this new norm have succeeded to stay afloat amidst this cacophonic storm. 

Aiding sales reps with the latest technologies is one way adaptive businesses have sought to interact with their potential buyers and customers. 

A staggering 62M downloads of video conferencing apps were made on both android and iOS apps between 14-21 March, just a matter of a week. To gauge the demand in the market a report by App Annie says this number was up 45% from the week before and almost 90% more than pre-Covid time. 

Considering the vast use, in this blog, we wish to help the customer service executives use these tools in a more efficient manner to help businesses with better conversion rates.

The 5 video conferencing tips that are easy yet effective 

These tips are tried & tested to optimize customer experience and boost sales, more importantly they are very easy to apply. 

1. People crave for tailored experiences

Digital mode of communication can appear distant, less human and impersonal because of the physical distance involved. And, when your goal is to provide exceptional customer experience, this is not something you would want. 

So, how do you avoid making your customers feel less special through online communication, particularly while video conferencing? Here’s what we suggest.

As sales representatives, putting little effort goes a long way. For instance, arrive at the virtual conference early so you can greet your potential customers as soon as they pop up on the screen. It is always more hospitable to welcome them rather than to keep them waiting for you to come online. This also gives you the room to indulge in a bit of an amicable small talk and make them feel good before you go into the nitty-gritty of your product or service.

It is also good to have prior knowledge of these people, before virtually meeting with them. You can know this by their past behavior on the website and by the queries and concerns they asked. If this set of audience is entirely new, use your experience with the previous audience. This will certainly help you to know what people want and therefore create personalized experiences for them. 

2. Draw in people’s attention 

You will have to act a little for this one in order to grant the attention of your potential customers over a video call. 

While speaking to an audience, be cautious of your facial expressions, tone of voice, and eye contact (yes, even while using a video conferencing tool). Here is how you do it.

Always put on a warm, engaging smile while listening or speaking. Keep the conversation fun, insert an occasional chuckle, and speak in a friendly tone. Avoid a monotone speech, change your voice pitch and tone according to what you are speaking, to keep others engaged (and awake). 

People feel engaged and connected when they are looked in the eye. You must know how you would doubt the truthfulness of a person speaking to you without looking at you in the eye. The point is -- in-person meetings or virtual conferencing -- look people in the eye to grab their attention. To do this look at your camera, we know this is hard considering the fact that their faces are elsewhere, but try to do it as often as possible. 

Furthermore, using hand gestures also reflect your confidence, so do not keep your hands firmly placed in one way. Move them around while speaking -- but do not overdo it, as it may get distracting. 

This may feel like acting to you at times, but it is what is needed to satisfy the people and convert them to loyal customers. 

3. Communicate with empathy & warmth

We all know that no matter how much information customers seek and muster, it is not just the empirical information per se that makes them want to finally make a purchase -- their emotions and feelings play a major role here. 

To close deals faster, you need to create an atmosphere of empathy and warmth while interacting with customers in the consideration stage. 

The few things that are keeping them from making the purchase decision is their lack of trust in the promises you have made so far, and also a lack of trust if the product or service will actually solve their problems.

To tackle this, you need to make the customer feel that you understand them and their problems. Additionally, sharing personal experiences and client stories with evidence also improves the trust factor in the potential buyers and thus the conversion rates. 

Use phrases like, “I understand where you’re coming from,” “we know how it feels,” “we are trying to solve just that problem,” etc. as and when needed, to be more warm and empathetic.

4. Make it interactive

To make the video calling experience more effective try to keep the conversation interactive. The exchange of words should happen from both ends. To not keep the conversation one-directional, ask for feedback, allow others to speak, pay attention to what they have to say. This helps in creating a stronger connection between you and them. 

You can also pass them the baton and ask them to participate. With this, you are giving the people a sense of control and power. Something that always has a positive impact on sales. 

To make your video call interactive you can use tools like Live Chat to facilitate better video conferencing experience. Live chat functions that indicate who said what alongside their images and names, make the conversation more interactive and engaging. 

5. Virtual walkthroughs 

You will be going beyond the traditional ways of interacting with your customers with virtual walkthroughs. They guarantee exceptional results. Just because the customer is physically away from the product, doesn’t mean they have to have any lesser of the product experience. You can still design a walkthrough for your potential customers -- all thanks to the screen sharing features of video conferencing tools. 

A manufacturing plant or a website, assists your viewers to navigate your site in a way they get a coherent understanding of the product or the services your business provides. Virtual walkthroughs through the screen sharing feature, allows you to guide your visitors the way you want, you can also pause for questions to give them a better understanding in real-time.  

This will not only increase the trust factor in the users to make a purchase but also save you a majority of the post-sale calls and concerns. 


We hope this blog will help you use video conferencing tools to create an impactful customer experience in a way to boost sales drastically. With great video conferencing tools and techniques you can still connect with your customers no matter the social distance. 

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